Bayon – Cambodia

Bayon - Cambodia

Bayon – Cambodia


Angkor Carvings – Cambodia

Angkor Carvings - Cambodia

Angkor Carvings – Cambodia

298 and an Angkor Sunrise

Right now there’s one really happy dude in Vietnam and that would be me! And with a population closing in on 90,000,000 – that’s darn happy!

Why? Because this blog has 298 followersCRAZY! 

And who knows it could get to 300 todayCRAZIER! 

So if you enjoy the pic’s, follow us and push it over 300!!!

If you’re the 300th, you will get absolutely nothing, except the knowledge of knowing you made one funky lad in Ho Chi Minh City, very happy!

Now get out there and snap some photographs!

Angkor Sunrise

Angkor Sunrise